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Our Mission:

To, Provide our customers with a comprehensive and accurate value assessment of the aircraft they are considering to purchase and or review of their current aircraft and its value in today's market place.

We can provide you with official Certified Appraisals or a Market Analysis of aircraft you
are considering for purchase or determining value within a certain market category.

Certified Appraisal:

This approach is the best way to determine an aircraft's "fair market value". The appraisal is accomplished by visual inspection of the aircraft. It will be inspected physically for damage, overall exterior condition and any visible surface corrosion or signs of concern to the, safety of flight. Fluid leaks around the landing gear and engines are checked visually. The interior and cockpit areas are checked for condition and cleanliness. Glass and Windshields are checked. Research is performed on the logbooks and or computerized maintenance reports if available. Other areas that are reviewed The completeness of the logbooks, its maintenance history, AD's and SB's that have been recorded and any FAA ,Form 337's that are present. This can be a time consuming report and its accuracy is based on the information that is gathered and made available to the appraiser.

Market Evaluation:

This report will provide a lower cast to estimate the aircraft's market value with information provided by the client. It is done without a physical inspection of the aircraft. This report is used to establish or to negotiate a purchase price for the aircraft under consideration. Information is provided for by the client and its accuracy is based on client's input without actually seeing the aircraft and or its logbooks in some cases. This report can be used in dealing with government agencies, settling legal disputes or for financing purposes.

To assess the aircraft 's value for Certified Appraisals and Market Evaluations, the NAAA has collected and incorporated into its database all current aircraft makes and models, 12, 000 avionics components and over 2, 000 engines to date market values.

All client information is considered confidential.

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